Gallery Descriptions

    My family moved out of Oklahoma in 1967. I have returned many times to revisit familiar areas and discover other locations that exemplify the unique characteristics of the state. Oklahoma is one of those regions where traces of the past are never far from the persistent present. While some of these images reflect a personal connection to this area, all reveal aspects of our American identity.

    Recent images from the state of Kansas.

Storefronts and Facades
    As I explore America, I come across interesting storefronts and facades of buildings that display traces of their history. Some seem to be abandoned, while others are being renovated. Besides the colors and textures of surface, I am attracted to the choices of window treatments.

Land, Sky, Water
    Various environmental scenes.

Looking Down
    While experimenting with a new camera many years ago, I discovered the wonders that can be found by just looking down.

Miscellaneous - Panorama
    A collection of various panoramas from combining multiple images. Some of these have a quite large native print size.

Miscellaneous - Multiple
    An assortment of related images combined on a single print. Some deal with time, some as metaphor, a few just fit together.

Miscellaneous - Installations
    Documentation of various exhibits.

    Here are records of roads I’ve travelled in some states.

Quiet Places
    Here is a selection from my self-published book. Most were in a solo exhibit at the Brickton Art Center in Park Ridge, Illinois in 2008.

Parks and Sites
    Views of places that have been set aside for tourism.

Urban Scenes
    Some unusual scenes found in more urban environments.

The Pursuit of Happiness
    I went through a long period where I frequented bars and parties. Presumably, we were all chasing some kind of fun and social camaraderie. Most of these pictures were shot without looking through the camera viewfinder.

New York City
    Views of Manhattan that characterize the flavor of the city from 1980-1982.

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