March 2020, New Website Launch

  •     After 20 years of a website design that did not function on phones or most browsers, I decided to find a more conventional and “modern” template. Sources for these photographs vary from original silver prints to film scans to digital files. Most have been printed. Each gallery is presented as a cohesive sequence, although similar themes and subjects may be found in all. As I make new pictures and review my archive, I will add other galleries and possibly, rearrange some groupings. My intention is to present an overview of work throughout my 45+ years of photographic practice. Also, many galleries serve as core groups that I plan to eventually collect in self-published book or catalog form, much like the Quiet Places series (which is available as a book with 49 images).
  • Occasional Blog entries will be about issues in my own photographic practice and thoughts and opinions about photography in general.
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